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Tyre Flips & Fitness testing for Data

November 22, 2017

Tyre Flips & Fitness testing for Data

We are deep in the winter conditioning plan with our SGUTMX Athletes Mel Pocock, Dylan Woodcock and Boston Gilbert. I always kick off with some Fitness testing; this gives me the data I need to design a plan that they can improve on week on week.

I revisit the testing every week to see what improvements that have been made. It is very important to test and retest, I see a lot of trainers just put their athletes through plans without collecting any data.

The data you get give you the information you need to help your athlete progress, if you don’t do this you will not know if any improvements are being made.

As you will see in the vlog I like to run off a simple 12 minute Cooper run test, this is a great test as it really tests their muscular strength, endurance & probably the most important one ( that tends to get overlooked) mindset, as I guarantee there will be a part of the run where they will want to give up.

This is where conditioning the mind, or reprogramming the mind to feel comfortable outside of its comfort zone, this is where the motocross athlete needs to pay a lot of attention.

There is an old saying that I live by, and it goes like this:

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard"

We spend a lot of time getting into the mind of the athletes, We start by talking to the athletes about what happened outside of the gym, how much sleep have they had, how has their hydration been? what did they eat the night before??

Or, is there anything going on in their mind that can take their focus on delivery a result short of nothing but 100%. If I find out there is then we will revisit the training plan and adjusted accordingly.

As a coach this is where the talent lies, anyone can go to YouTube and watch a training video, or buy a copy of latest men’s health and put their client through a strength training plan, but the science behind those plans are always tailored to a specific individual.

If your athlete doesn’t fit the mold of that specific individual they guess what that plan will be as good as a Lamborghini running on diesel.

So make sure your plan fulfills all your requirements if it doesn’t talk to your coach ask them to adapt it so it does.

I offer the bespoke online training plans; these are put together after a lengthy conversation about the kind of athlete we are working with. For more information on this feel free to get in touch and email me and I can give you prices. Also look at the SGUT-MX Training Plan.

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