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Guilty of Chasing the 6 pack

August 30, 2018

carbs fuel your body which help performance

 Would you trade, Aesthetics for Performance?

Nutrition for performance

I was a having discussion with one of my training buddies this morning, and I asked how are you get on with your training? He said “You know what, I've actually been doing great, but, I haven't been eating the best that I could be I have been eating quite a few carbohydrates, Which is crazy as I have done a PB on my 10k run. (I've taken a minute and a half off my time), and I'm stronger than ever”.


So it kind of puts things into perspective really doesn't it? We're kind of chasing our dream body but what's the price? Carb depletion? So I replied if you really tightened up your diet to the point where you are being carbohydrate restrictive, and probably not having the kind of foods that you are having at the moment. I very much doubt that you will be hitting the times and lifting the weights you are at the moment, As your body has told you it NEEDS CARBS to fulfil the job you require from it.

Power pancakes High in protein added carbohydrates for energy


Weigh this up.

Ask yourself a question how many days a year do you walk around your top off? Probably holiday and bedroom right. So it really comes down to feeling comfortable in front of your wife when you get naked at night? Therefore there the satisfaction of achieving results in the gym has to override the sub 10% body fat goal. I advised him to increase his calories, which is going to help give him a better performance, help him recover quicker, give him a more restful nights sleep.


The feeling of excelling in performance, smashing your PB’s and lifting heavy weights regularly generates a better response mentally, far more than that one Integra picture, which maybe if your lucky with the right Hash tags might get you a 1000 likes, which is all B.S anyway. As you can buy a thousand likes for £15.


So there you go, that's my take on it. I'd love to hear what your take is. Do you trade aesthetics for performance? I don't! I have a balance all the time. So drop me a message down below, let me know what you think.