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Reward your body, Bring Colour to your plate,

September 02, 2016

Reward your body, Bring Colour to your plate,

As you know, Health & Nutrition is something I’m pretty passionate about. The importance of eating a healthy well-balanced diet is something that our society seems to struggle with.

If you look at your plate or how your food looks like over the course of the day for most people the one thing that it seems to lack is colour.

Colour on the plate is so essential for us to live a fruitful life (see what I did there) as it gives us all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function at it’s optimal.

If you take another look at your day how pieces of food where the color Beige? Here is an example

Here is an example

Breakfast: Coffee and toast-cereal

Mid morning snack: Crisps-muffin

Lunch: Baguette or pasta

Afternoon snack: biscuits and more coffee

Dinner: Pie filled with some low-grade meat

Look familiar? This diet is predominately a carbohydrate plan and is something that I see quite a lot when I ask for a food diary, Now carbs are not the enemy, I love carbs, however, the right type of carbs because all carbs do not punch at the same weight!

I know your thinking, Fruit and vegetables are also a carbohydrate, but they are also fully loaded with Vitamins & Minerals, unlike the Beige Brigade.

The type of carbohydrates I’m referring too with beige color are typically high GI carbs that contain very few nutrients

 I.e. White Bread, Pasta, Pastries.

So what does this mean for you?

Carbohydrates are a form of sugar.  They are broken down into glucose.  High GI carbs like the ones above cause a surge of glucose into your bloodstream.  Your body responds to this by releasing insulin. Insulin is a storage hormone that takes the glucose out of your bloodstream and stores it in your fat cells.

Fat makes you Fat, though!

You need fat in your diet for a variety of functions Organ protection being a big one hormones, nerves and brain cells are made of fat. Adding fat to the above diet of beige will also actually slow down the glucose surge meaning less insulin and less fat storage.

SGUT 7 Step Plan

So where do you start? With a few simple changes and following the seven steps to Fitness guide you will not only become a healthier, leaner, fitter version yourself but you will also develop a great relationship with food and the powers it will bring.

  1. Make small changes with nutrition that you can stick to. Introduce new habits get and consistent with them first. Trying to put in place too much too soon is often setting you up to fail. If you find yourself living on the beige diet, add some colour to your plate particularly green veg, which is fibrous and nutrient, dense. Keep on top of your protein requirements I do this by adding some SGUT Whey protein to a smoothie - Available here https://shop.solgilbert.com/products/rapid-recover-optimum-whey-protein


  1. Try to get a balance of Protein; Fat and Carbohydrate in every meal (Follow my SGUT Shopping list for my preferred choices. I suggest for the early stage of diet intervention, just ensure you have a Palm-size of Protein, Fist full of carbs, Two finger tips of Fats we call this the hand diet this is a loose way of tracking your meal, Or if you can handle geeky, use my Macro & Calorie Tracker on the SGUT APP
  2. Get support, whether it’s from friends or by getting involved in a class at the gym can be a great way to build new friend-ships that are on the same page as you. Not one for classes? Then follow a program that is geared towards your goals. I have a great on-line program that is bespoke to your goals and allows you chat directly with me about the program https://solgilbert.com/online-personal-training/


  1. Measure your progress; I like to use the tape measure as a guide to see how my clients are responding to the change. Scales can be demotivating especially if they go up and not down. Use my how to guide on how to measure correctly and input your results directly on to the SGUT App. 


  1. Hydration, Keep on top of your hydration, This can help with keeping the hunger pains at bay, More often we are just thirsty, but our body tells our brain that we are hungry, So find out how much you should be drinking a day here https://solgilbert.com/health-checker/


  1. Sleep, You have to ensure that you are getting the right amount of rest, Sleep is where the body repairs itself and allows you to go one better the next time your workout. I advise my clients to get at least 6-7hrs and to switch the phones and tablets to Night shift mode mode (a sepia color) this stops the body from releasing cortisol (a stress hormone and the one that wakes you up) from the bright blue light of your phone.


  1. Goal setting & Tracking, Set yourself some small achievable goals, It could be as little as drinking a 2 liter bottle of water and 3 servings of Protein every day for a week, Then track your progress, how did you feel, did you sleep better, write it down into a mood diary so you can reflect back on it over time.


For details about the new SGUT On-line training follow the link below, lets start to get some color back on your plate.